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Africa is the second largest, and second most populated country in the world, and has a population of over one billion people. However it is also the world poorest continent, meaning that there is a shortage of paid work and career opportunities available throughout the continent as a whole, but plenty in the voluntary sector. Africa is made up of 56 different countries, but thousands of languages are spoken across the continent. The main economic issue in Africa today is poverty, there are various reasons which make it difficult to reduce this significantly, including disease and a lack of water as well as political problems involving corrupt governments and warfare. South Africa and Egypt have the biggest and most developed economies in Africa, however research by the World Bank in 2010 shows that they were only 24th and 25th respectively in a list of the worlds biggest economies by GDP. Underneath you can find information about where to look for work in the biggest and most developed countries in Africa, remember though, not to expect the same salaries or opportunities as in other parts of the world.

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